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VISION54 Journey Path – amateurs

As an Amateur Golfer, we suggest the path below to begin your VISION54 Journey.

The path is designed as a "journey of learning" the VISION54 philosophy and fundamentals, discovering the Human Skills, making them your own, and putting these skills into practice ON the golf course. The farther along the journey you go, the more you explore and discover what works best for you.

We begin with the first steps that require the lowest level of commitment and progress to the highest. This path is not absolute. As every golfer is unique, there are many choices and options along the way empowering you to make this journey uniquely yours.

Bring Your Possibilities to Life!

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Free Zone

This is a great place to get started!

VISION54 Website – By exploring the website, you'll gain great insights into the VISION54 philosophy and learn about our culture of possibilities.

  • Key Concepts – get acquainted with the Human Skills and the Performance Maps we use in our coaching and in-person programs.

  • Library – explore this expanding resource of training videos, audio interviews, and news articles

  • eNews – subscribe to our eNews for additional coaching insights and updates on all things VISION54

Social Media – Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. Fun fact: We routinely live-post during tournaments to provide a unique perspective as you watch on TV.

Possibiliting 1.0 – a tool for you to get guidance and clarity to bring your possibilities to life …  in golf and in life.
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ON Course Practice Plans (Preview) – 9-hole practice plans to learn and explore the Human Skills on the golf course. 
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Be A Player Notebook (Preview) – provides support as you implement the lessons from Be A Player and put your learning into ACTION!
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Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning – Books

Recommended Reading (in suggested order)
DO the exercises in each to further practice what you've learned.

  • Be A Player

  • Every Shot Must Have A Purpose

  • Play Your Best Golf Now

  • The Game Before The Game

Resources to integrate the Humans Skills into your game:

  • Training Bundle – training tools

  • Digital Bundle – additional practice plans & exercises

  • Be A Player Bundle – training tools to complement Be A Player book

All books and resources are available in our WebShop >>


VISION54 iPhone App + App Practice Plan – an effective practice partner for the range, short game area, putting green and on the course
iPhone App >>

MYGAME – a self-paced, interactive virtual golf school that takes you on a journey of self-discovery through interactive lessons, video demonstrations, audio Coaches’ Tips, and downloadable practice plans and exercises.

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In-Person Coaching

VISION54 is a phenomenal concept, it’s message is simple yet often overlooked, the fact that you can accomplish and do anything, the possibilities are endless and limitless. The concept of VISION54 is such a refreshing outlook on golf and life. Pia and Lynn are the most positive people I know, and the energy that they exude is amazing, they make you want to be better.
— Brittany Lang, LPGA Tour Player


VISION54 Golf Training – 1.5 hour range session
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54PLAY – 6 holes on course training
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2Day Program – Human Skills: On Course – 36 holes of on course training, exploring and coaching.
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3Day Program – Human Skills: Comprehensive – A full comprehensive program training the skills that complement your technique.
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training DAYS

Create your own path to mastery.

On-going curriculum of building block days to integrate the Human Skills into your game. Learn the skills to manage yourself while playing. Training Days were created to give you the flexibility to customize the length and frequency of your training. You will leave each visit with the skills for self-awareness, self-refencing, and self-regulation. Build on your previous visits as you continue to go deeper into making the Human Skills your own and discovering your unique recipe to be your own best coach when you play.
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These sessions provide a unique opportunity to work individually with the VISION54 coaches. One-to-One Sessions will be tailored to each player's goals and will be designed based on how much time has been reserved. Two-to-One and custom group coaching options are also available. (3 hour minimum required for first One-to-One session.)

To Reserve: Please email coaching requests to or call 480 371 9692