Lynn and Pia are the quiet voices of reason in this world of insanity and confusion. Their information and system will help golfers of any level – from Tour players to 25-handicapper – play their best golf.
— Mike Adams, 2016 PGA National Teacher of the Year, World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame

About VISION54

We focus on the human being playing golf, not just the technical aspect of the game.

Our main goal at VISION54 is to help golfers not only swing better, be more fit, manage your mind or putt better, but to make sure you as a player can transfer these skills and perform better on the course when it matters.

We look at the reality of golf and what elements influence your performance. The elements are physical, technical, mental, emotional, social and spirit of the game. To make this come alive, we created the Human Skills golfers need to complement your technique.

We believe that you have a unique strategy for playing great golf and we want you to take great care in discovering what works best for you – MY54. By doing this, you will gain clarity about your unique strategy for playing great golf, and therefore will achieve it more often.

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lynn marriott & pia nilsson

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