In-person coaching

Structured, in-person learning with VISION54 coaches, with varying time lengths.

3Day – Human Skills: Comprehensive – full comprehensive program diving into the skills that complement your technique = $3500

2Day – Human Skills: On Course – 36 holes on course training, exploring, and coaching = $2000

Training Days – on going curriculum – you determine length & frequency of your stay / supervised training and 9 holes of on course coaching each day =
Amateur: $600 / day (first 5 days) $500 / day (after 5th day)
Junior / Competitive: $500 / day (first 5 days) $400 / day (after 5th day)

54PLAY – On Course Training – 6 holes on course training = Adult: $200 / Junior: $150

Golf Training – 1.5 hour range session = Adult: $100 / Junior: $50

Private Training – inquire about our private training sessions for individuals and groups

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Learning happens best in the context of play.

For as long as the game has been played, the great players of the game have had different looking technique. What they all have had in common is that they know how to manage themselves physically, mentally and emotionally on the golf course.  Golf is about more than just the grip, the stance and the swing. The golf swing is just one element of an integrated coaching approach that targets the golfer as a human being.

Technical Skills x Human Skills = How You Perform

At VISION54 these human skills are fundamentals of the game – how to commit to decisions, how to create a performance state, how to manage the variability of you and the game, how to manage the emotions you feel on the course, and how to manage your tempo and tension level.

All VISION54 Programs focus on integrating the human skills / playing skills of the game with your technique. Coaching and exercises are setup to support you being able to manage yourself ON the golf course. Most golfers have never investigated how well they can play if they learn to manage their body, mind and emotions on the golf course. We call them the hidden / forgotten fundamentals of the game!

We share the same vision – that it’s possible to birdie every hole and shoot 54, and that there are no limits to what you can achieve. In many ways, I am the embodiment of the VISION54 coaching philosophies.
— Annika Sorenstam, LPGA Superstar
Figure of Possibility