Our Truths

The origin of VISION54 originates from a core belief in possibilities. We are driven by the beliefs that:

  • Each individual has unlimited human potential.
  • Every golfer is unique and has his / her unique fingerprint of a golf swing and how to play the game.
  • Golf performance is about getting the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible.
  • Shooting 54 or lower is possible.
  • Playing the game should be fulfilling and fun.
  • We believe in accessing better performance and positive human development.
  • We want you to be your own best coach.
  • The Human Skills of the game influence your technique.
  • The game is variable and you are variable.

What is VISION54?

VISION54 Golfballs

VISION54 is many things… it's a number, a philosophy, an attitude, a process and a discipline.

54 is a number and we do believe shooting 54 or lower is possible. We don't know who is going to do it or when it will happen, but the point is, we congruently believe someone will shoot this score.

54 is a philosophy where we look at possibilities instead of limitations and support golfers to become their own best coaches.

54 is an attitude about creating a positivity bias. The brain's default is to store negative events stronger and faster than positive ones. It's also about embracing the outlook that your past is not your future and to always focus on things under your control.

54 is a process where it all boils down to each one of us DOING something to learn new skills or change habits. This growth mindset and process keeps on going for as long as you want it to go.

54 is a discipline. You always have the choice to manage your physical, mental and emotional state in the world that keeps on being dynamic and forever changing. The golf brain seems to have two default tendencies: over-emphasis on outcome and over-emphasis on technique. It's a discipline to manage these tendencies.

Figure of Possibility

Believe in Possibilities!


Ultimately, human intentionality is the most powerful evolutionary force on this planet.
— George Leonard

Possibiliting = Vision + Positive Emotions + Action

We believe in possibilities and the only way to make it come alive is by taking action, so we made up a verb … Possibiliting!

Intentionality is foundational to be able to achieve your best outcomes and be the human being you are capable of being. You are bombarded daily by things to do, what is urgently important and what others want you to do. For you to be able to access your possibilities, you want to be more self-referencing and create your own unique compass. Getting clear will highlight where to put your energy, how to access motivation, help in making choices and doing what matters most to you. It will even create discipline. Discipline comes from the word "disciple". You want to be a disciple of your own vision, values and beliefs!

We've created a tool to give you guidance and clarity to bring your possibilities to life in golf and in life. Check out Possibiliting 1.0 in the Free Zone >>