The 54GOLF programs are designed to benefit recreational golfers, competitive amateurs, juniors, tour professionals, teaching professionals and coaches alike. You will learn about the elements that influence performance on the golf course: physical, technical, mental, emotional, social and spirit of the game. We complement your technique with the Human Skills – the fundamentals of the game. You'll learn how to manage yourself before a shot (THINK BOX), during a shot (PLAY BOX), after a shot (MEMORY BOX), and in between shots. You will learn how to access these fundamental human skills to become your own best coach and be a HAPPY + BETTER GOLFER.

Our programs focus on practice and on course assignments to provide you a unique opportunity to learn and explore these playing skills and to fine-tune how these skills best function for you. The VISION54 coaches provide specific feedback and work with you to learn how best to integrate the playing skills into your game.

All VISION54 coaches are extensively trained and authorized by Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson and will guide you in understanding, learning and applying the Human Skills of the game.

Figure of Possibility

In-Person Coaching

We offer coaching options based on players' specific choices. If you are new to VISION54, we recommend our Virtual Golf School, MYGAME, to become acquainted with VISION54 and learn the basics around the Human Skills. If it's  your first time attending our golf school, we recommend starting with our ongoing programs – 54Launch, 54Practice, 54Play – or attending one of our organized 1Day, 2Day, or 3Day programs. The choice is yours!


Organized Programs

VISION54 Golf Training – 1.5 hour range session
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54Play – 6 holes on course training
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2Day Program – Human Skills: On Course – 36 holes of on course training, exploring and coaching.
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3Day Program – Human Skills: Comprehensive – A full comprehensive program training the skills that complement your technique.
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training Days

Create your own path to mastery.

On-going curriculum of building block days to integrate the Human Skills into your game. Learn the skills to manage yourself while playing. Training Days were created to give you the flexibility to customize the length and frequency of your training. You will leave each visit with the skills for self-awareness, self-refencing, and self-regulation. Build on your previous visits as you continue to go deeper into making the Human Skills your own and discovering your unique recipe to be your own best coach when you play.
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These sessions provide a unique opportunity to work individually with the VISION54 coaches. One-to-One Sessions will be tailored to each player's goals and will be designed based on how much time has been reserved. Two-to-One and custom group coaching options are also available. (3 hour minimum required for first One-to-One session).
Participants: Juniors, Amateurs, Competitive, Alumni

To Reserve: Please email coaching requests to InTouch@VISION54.com or call 480 371 9692