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Our Mission

We want golfers and teams around the globe to have access to learn the Human Skills of the Game. Our intention is to provide you this opportunity to integrate these fundamental skills for playing the game to help you support golfers on their journey to becoming Happy + Better Golfers!

The Plan

We want these skills to complement the technical skills. The Human Skills enhance technique and golfers get a more complete set of skills to play better on the course. From our 30 years of experience in coaching these skills, we want to share with you what has been working for golfers at all levels.

We want to provide access to these skills to ALL who are interested. Golfers need support from their coaches and teachers to integrate these fundamental skills for playing the game.

Be a coach of the Human Skills today and give the Super Golfers of the future a more complete set of skills to reach their goals.

…ANYONE of you can start here:

54 Figure of Possibility

Human Skills of the Game

Mygame training Digital Bundle

The digital bundle includes:

  • Team Training Introduction & Action Plan
  • Possibiliting 2.0 – a tool to get clarity around your purpose for playing the game
  • Human Skills for Players – four training plans with sessions taking 15-20 minutes to complete – ideal to integrate into current practice plans and super additions to team practices
  • On Course Practice Plans 1.0 – twelve 9-hole practice plans: Awareness & Performance Routine
  • On Course Practice Plans 2.0 – twelve 9-hole practice plans: Between Shot Management & Variability
  • 1 MYGAME Enrollment Key to the Complete Curriculum, covering all nine Human Skills*

Educational materials to get started:

  • Be A Player Training Invitation – template for inviting students to attend
  • The Human Skills – The Hidden Fundamentals – article introducing the key concepts around the Human Skills of the game and how they impact your performance state
  • The VISION54 Human Skills of the Game – a summary resource defining each of the nine Human Skills

Price: $500 (a la carte pricing = $765)
*offer expires 2/1/18


54 Figure of Possibiliting