Be a coach of the human skills today!

Our Mission

We want golfers at all clubs around the globe to have access to learn the Human Skills of the Game. We want to provide the opportunity to integrate these fundamentals skills for playing the game to ALL teachers / coaches / instructors who are interested in supporting golfers on this journey.

The Plan

We don't want to certify or authorize a few select teachers / coaches / instructors. Instead, we want to "open share" these VISION54 skills and provide you the means to teach them and coach your students to be Happier + Better Golfers.

To accomplish this mission, we've created a coaching package with all the materials you need to get started with your students. Golfers win, you win, and VISION54 wins!! :)

We've created an action plan and starting digital bundle to get you on your way.

54 Figure of Possibility

Human Skills of the Game

Action Plan

  • Do MYGAME yourself and read / listen to Be A Player.
  • Buy MYGAME enrollment keys at a discounted price and sell them to your students. Book coaching sessions either individually or in a group of 3-4 golfers. Set your own fees and include the access to MYGAME as part of your training.
  • Do a coaching session after each of the three Series in MYGAME to DO the exercises with your guidance. You can also do an on course session with the Series Combo Training included in this bundle.
  • If you want to make a longer commitment with your students, book sessions on the practice area and on course after each one of the nine Skills in MYGAME with the exercises included in the modules. Printable PDFs are included in MYGAME for you to use with your students.
  • We highly recommend that all of your students do the reflections in Possibiliting 1.0, included in the bundle, to get some clarity around their purpose for playing the game.

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coach / teacher Mygame training Digital Bundle

The digital bundle includes:

  • Coaching Package Introduction & Action Plan
  • Possibiliting 1.0 (10-page PDF) – a tool to get clarity around your purpose for playing the game
  • 4 MYGAME Enrollment Keys to the Complete Curriculum, covering all nine Human Skills*
  • Series Combo Training – on course 9-hole training sessions, one for each Series in MYGAME: Signature Swing, Performance Routine, and Best You

Educational materials to send to your students:

  • Be A Player Training Invitation – template for inviting students to attend
  • The Human Skills – The Hidden Fundamentals – article introducing the key concepts around the Human Skills of the game and how they impact your performance state
  • The VISION54 Human Skills of the Game – a summary resource defining each of the nine Human Skills

Price: $1,500 (a la carte pricing = $2,500)

Additional MYGAME Enrollment Keys can be purchased at a discounted rate:

  • Individual Series = $150
  • Complete Curriculum = $300

Purchasing instructions are included in the bundle.