Be A Player Club Event

Our Mission

We want golfers at all clubs around the globe to have access to learn the Human Skills of the Game. We want to provide the opportunity to integrate these fundamentals skills for playing the game to ALL teachers / coaches / instructors who are interested in supporting golfers on this journey.

The Plan

We don't want to certify or authorize a few select teachers / coaches / instructors. Instead, we want to "open share" these VISION54 skills and provide you the means to teach them and coach your students to be Happier + Better Golfers.

To accomplish this mission, we've created this quick start plan for teachers anywhere. It's great to do with any number of players at your club.

We've created an action plan and digital coaching bundle to guide you.

54 Figure of Possibility

Human Skills of the Game

We have found it to be most effective when golfers have their own experience with the Human Skills first. This gives them the chance to realize first-hand how much the Human Skills effect their game on the course. With this experience, they are then more open to further coaching. We recommend you do the explorations yourself as well!

Action Plan

  • We suggest reading / listening to Be A Player to prepare for this round based on the skills in the book.
  • Invite golfers for an 18-hole exploration round to find tools that will help them play better and enjoy it more. We have done this with 72 golfers in a shot gun, with 18 foursomes. You can do it with any number of players.
  • Give your students The Human Skills – The Hidden Fundamentals to introduce the key concepts. Explain that their performance on the golf course is always their technical skills x human skills (how well they can manage their body, mind and emotions). During this round, they begin to explore what could be good to do to get more athletic when they swing, how to best commit to a decision, how to stay focused during the swing, how best to react to their shots to create confidence and how to manage themselves in between shots.
  • Golfers can do this without your supervision or guidance. Ask them NOT to keep score – to only explore the assignments on each hole, and to write down their learnings. There are questions included in the Be A Player – 18-Hole Exploration included in the bundle.
  • We suggest you follow up with coaching the Human Skills for the participating golfers using the Be A Player Notebook & On Course Explorations, also included in the bundle.
  • To go deeper, read / listen to Be A Player and do the exercises.

Be a Player club event digital bundle

The digital bundle includes:

  • Coaching Package Introduction & Action Plan
  • Be A Player – 18-Hole Exploration – assignments to find ways to play your best golf
  • Be A Player Notebook (48-page notebook) – provides support as you implement the lessons from Be A Player and put your learning into ACTION!
  • Be A Player On Course Explorations (30-page booklet) – aligns with the chapters in Be A Player to put your learning into ACTION!
  • Human Skills Discovery – tool for debriefing students

Educational materials to send to your students: 

  • Be A Player Training Invitation – template for inviting students to attend
  • The Human Skills – The Hidden Fundamentals – article introducing they key concepts around the Human Skills of the Game and how they impact your performance state.
  • The VISION54 Human Skills of the Game – a summary resource defining each of the nine Human Skills

Price: $75