App Retirement

On Course app

We are officially retiring the green ON COURSE app (formerly known as SKILLS).

This current version for iOS11 (released on November 1, 2017) will be the final update. It will continue to work with iOS11 but will not be further supported beyond this version. 


Good News!

We've expanded our foundational app, VISION54 (the "blue one"), to include all of these exercises and encourage you to try it out as an enhanced alternative.

To further enhance your practice sessions with the blue app, we've created a map for the app! This FREE downloadable PDF is full of practice plans, based on different intentions.

VISION54 App / App Practice Plan >>


As a thank you for purchasing and supporting this green ON COURSE app, we'd like to offer all of the exercises in this app as a FREE digital download so you can continue to practice them.

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