All VISION54 coaching is based on a single driving principle:  Be the best YOU, you can be!

Playing golf ultimately comes down to you, your swing and stroke, clubs, ball and the golf course. The ability to self-coach – manage yourself – is essential to being a good golfer. All VISION54 coaching is based on training you to be your own best coach.


To do that, you want to learn and embrace:

You notice things like: your tempo being what you want it to be; that you trust the decision you are making, your adrenaline level is what is best for you; if you have tension anywhere in your body; etc…

You can manage yourself during the round. Variability will always be a part of every round you play for the rest of your life. How efficiently can you manage yourself?

Every golfer is unique in how he / she plays great golf and how we get in our own way. You can only compare yourself to yourself.

With Pia and Lynn’s coaching, I went from being scared on the golf course to being happy and confident. I’ve learned “Human Skills” to manage myself in almost every competitive situation – and I use them every time I play.
— Ariya Jutanugarn, LPGA Tour Player, 2016 Rolex Player of the Year, winner of the 2016 LPGA money title and Race to the CME Globe
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Virtual Learning Center

To assist you in becoming the best golfer you can be, we've created this Virtual Learning Center, offering online, interactive coaching tools to bring the VISION54 principles to your desktop, laptop, mobile device or smartphone. Each option provides the flexibility to learn at your convenience and at your own pace. Since learning takes place best on the course in the context of play, each virtual option includes on course exploration as a vital component. Be prepared to put your learning into action!


Virtual Golf School

Learn human performance skills to unlock the key to your greatness on the golf course.

A self-paced, interactive virtual golf school that takes you on a journey of self-discovery through interactive lessons, video demonstrations, audio Coaches' Tips, and downloadable practice plans and exercises.
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Blue App

iPhone App

In this VISION54 app, you will find the skills and on course exercises you can use to complement your technique in order to help you become a better player of the game.

This app was created to benefit all levels of play: professional tour players, aspiring amateurs, junior golfers, and weekend warriors.
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Digital Training Library

Training Library

It's our intention to provide you with all of the resources to access the Human Skills of the Game and add on-course training to your practice and coaching sessions.

Training resources for both players and coaches.
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Free Downloads

Free zone

To further enhance your exploration of the Human Skills and on course learning, we've created training tools and practice plans you can download for FREE to use on your own as you practice on course.
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