Performance Maps

Technical Skills x Human Skills = How You Perform

All golf is decided on technical skills + human skills. The Human Skills are about learning to manage yourself on the golf course. Manage your body, mind and emotions. There are skills to learn to be able to do this well. At VISION54 we want these skills to be part of the fundamentals of playing the game. Every golfer plays better if you know how to best make a decision you trust, how to be engaged and focused during the shot, how to best react to the shot you just hit. Every golfer needs to learn to manage their body, mind and emotions during all the between shot time we have in golf. We also know that every day on the golf course is different, due to external and internal reasons. How do you best learn to manage that variability? How do you best find out your unique ways of doing this?

Below are the "Performance Maps" we teach encompassing these fundamental concepts to help you harness your true potential.

If you'd like to go deeper with these concepts, our virtual golf school, MYGAME, is a great place to start. Learn more >>

Figure of Possibility


The Reality of Golf

In addition to technique, equipment and fitness, these human elements influence your performance, best expressed as a performance equation. Each element is equally important and must come together in balance. A weakness in any area will manifest as a technical problem. Being able to identify the root cause, or influence, and address it directly is the most effective and powerful method to own your game and play better on the golf course.

Coaches' Tip

Human Skills

Human Skills

We've distilled these human elements (PTMESS) into coachable Human Skills to bring them alive and complement your technique. They are the hidden fundamentals that enable you to reach your full potential, no matter what your level of play, how often you play, what skill level you possess or what swing theory you believe.

Why do we do Human Skills training?

  • To be able to score lower
  • To learn to manage your variability from day to day
  • To access more of your abilities

What are the Human Skills? Learn more >>

PME State

Human Skills create PME State


The game of golf is dynamic. You as a human being playing the game have a body, mind and emotions that are dynamic. Nothing is consistent in you or the game of golf. By combining your technical skills with your PME state (physical / mental / emotional) you can manage the variability in your body, mind and emotions when you play. You'll be able to adapt to all situations and play better more often.

With all the professionals we have coached through the years (male and female) most have had a lack of awareness or lack of skills to manage their bodies, minds and emotions while they are on the course. We believe the SuperGolfers of the future will give themselves the opportunity to excel even more, by adding these Human Skills to great technique and fitness (and not wait until the slumps force you to address the human factor).

These integral Human Skills of the game will never not be important.

Great Good Good Enough

Be Your Own Best Coach

Manage Yourself ON the Course

The greatest golfers through times have been great at managing themselves in competition. It's been implicit knowing for most of them. Now, with all the latest performance science, we can make these skills explicit, trainable, scalable and doable.

Once you put your foot on the first tee, you can't influence or change your technical skill level, fitness, or equipment. It is what it is and you have to play with what you have on that particular day, in that particular moment. You can, however, manage yourself on the golf course. It's you, your swing, the club, the ball and the course… so to be a good golfer, we have no choice but to learn to manage yourself – be your own best coach.

To be better and coaching yourself you need to be:

  • Self-Aware – you need to be aware of your tempo changing, that your gut is not trusting the decision, have the feel of distance inside of you, etc.
  • Self-Referencing – you compare yourself to yourself. All golfers are unique, so we want to encourage you to be the best YOU and play the game in the best way for you and for your own reasons.
  • Self-Regulating – the game and you are variable so we want to train you to be able to self-regulate while playing, when needed.

You can train to be your own best coach through self-awareness, self-referencing, and self-regulating.

Coaches' Tip

Game Plan

Your Game Plan

Do you have a proactive game plan and a focus determined ahead of your next round? What will you do when the circumstances around you change, when the external conditions become unpredictable, when variability shows up as it always does? Just as a pilot files a carefully thought-through flight plan prior to taking off, you want to have a trusted game plan that works best for you – and that you can fully commit to – before stepping onto the first tee. No matter what emerges during the round, your game plan will remain the same. It will enable you to identify what's going on and to manage yourself on the course despite those changing circumstances.

The Human Skills make up your process:

  • awareness of your Physical, Mental, and Emotional states
  • commitment to your Think Box, Play Box, and Memory Box
  • keeping in touch with your Balance, Tempo, and Tension
  • managing your Self-Talk
  • being a Master of Variability and understanding your MY54 and NOT54 (and shifting when your NOT54 shows up)
  • practicing Emotional Resilience

Executing these particular skills means staying in your process. This is your Game Plan!

Coaches' Tip