Score lower • Manage variability • Access your abilities – Get started on your VISION54 journey with a customized Path to 54! 

We believe: Technical Skills x Human Skills = How You Perform! No matter where you are in your golf journey, we've got a plan for you!

Your Path to 54

Your VISION54 Journey

No matter where you are in your golf journey, we've got a plan for you!

We have options for juniors, amateurs (both high and low hdcp), competitive (professional and college players) and coaches / teachers.
We've tailored training for those who like to practice, those who don't, those who are looking for in-person training and those who prefer virtual options. We also have options for every budget, including many FREE training tools you can download and use on your own.

Need help in deciding where to begin?
We've created paths to guide you in getting started on your VISION54 journey.
Simply select the path below that best fits you.

Experience a VISION54 Golf Program:

We offer coaching options based on players' specific choices. If you are new to VISION54, we recommend our Virtual Golf School, MYGAME, to become acquainted with VISION54 and learn the basics around the Human Skills. If it's your first time attending our golf school, we recommend starting with our ongoing programs – VISION54 Golf Training, 54PLAY, or VISION54 Training Days – or attending one of our organized 2Day or 3Day programs. The choice is yours! In-Person Coaching >>

VISION54 Golf Training – 1.5 hour range session
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54Play – 9 holes on course training
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VISION54 Training Days – Create your own path to mastery: 6 hours on course training
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